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Film Review: The Incorruptible 李洛夫奇案 (1993) - Hong Kong

Andrew Chan Anita Yuen Carrie Ng Ray Lui Simon Yam The Incorruptible

The Incorruptible 李洛夫奇案 (1993) - Hong Kong



Reviewed by Andrew Chan (FCCA)


The 90s was a great time for Hong Kong cinema and with films like “The Incorruptible” largely forgotten, just shows how many great films were made in the period. Starring “The Bund” famed Ray Lui who easily possesses the classic screen cinema look and appeal. It’s a shame that he never reach the heights of “The Bund” or “To be Number One”. Still, this is clearly a Lui starring vehicle and he holds his presence well throughout as Chief Chinese police inspector who leads the fight against the triads. 


The great thing about these film is the cast, we get to see an early Anita Yuen as Lui’s wife, Simon Yam in an early supporting role as drunken cop and the always convincing Waise Lee as the key villain. Forgot to mention, we also have Lee’s mistress played memorably by the one and only Carrie Ng. With that being said, all performances are captivating and convincingly played. Veteran Lau Siu Ming simply steals the show as the showy 


The key problem with this film is the rushed plot-line where the arrest of Waise Lee seems too trivial and the whole build up seems wasted on such an uninspired and cliche ending. Still, there is a lot to enjoy in this Ronny Yu’s production, which runs at a fanatic pace where everything is happening so quickly, including crime raids, murders and moles. It’s typical 90s Hong Kong cops and robber flair and Ray Lui gives the film enough class. 


I rated it 7.5/10 


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