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Film Review: Tornado Girl 恋上疯狂女 (2017) - Japan

Andrew Chan Tornado Girl

Tornado Girl 恋上疯狂女 (2017) - Japan


Reviewed by Andrew Chan (Film Critics Circle of Australia)



What I enjoyed about the off beat romantic coming of age Japanese comedy “Tornado Girl” is the sense of urgency, love and quirkiness about it that makes it click. It helps when you have the stunning Kiko Mizuhara playing the living in the moment PR girl combining well with the highly likeable Satoshi Tsumabuki. It is the kind of film where you don’t so much bother on how much sense we are making, but rather what happens on-screen. Director Hitoshi Ohne created a film that highlights a deeper message on the variety of love, in different shapes and form and also the ones that are irresistible, yet dangerous. 


Mizuhara stars as the “Tornado Girl” whose unpredictable nature drives the film forward and provides the film with most of its best moments. The chemistry between Mizuhara and Tsumabuki is undeniable as the audience realise just how inept he is and how she controls the outcome of their relationship. Tsumabuki does well by being extremely likeable and someone easy to relates toward. We also get interesting performances from other love rivals in Hirofumi Arai as the colleague and Suzuki Matsuo as the chief editor. 


 All in all, “Tornado Girl” may not be anything significant, but it is something that is highly enjoyable and fun to watch during its duration. Like the lead character Mizuhara, we all need to live in the moment and that shapes how we ponder about our lives. Sometimes in life, we need a time filler, something to burst that energy of excitement back into it and “Tornado Girl” just about fills that void. 


I rated it 7.5/10

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