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Film Review: Tune in for Love (2019) - South Korea

Andrew Chan Jung Hae-in Kim Go-eun Tune in for Love

Tune in for Love (2019) - South Korea

Reviewed by Andrew Chan (Film Critics Circle of Australia) 

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Fresh from two mega Netflix hits Korean original series (“Something in the Rain” and “One Spring Night”), heartthrob Jung Hae-In coupled with Kim Go-eun excels his transition from longer format to the silver screen with ease and presence. This is a heart breaking and mending film that relates well with the audience with a time gap experience over a decade from 1995 to 2005. The nostalgia feel of the 90s and digital era of change is evident as we experience the almost there romance with both a reminiscent of the past and the future. This is an easy tearjerker experience with plenty of heart warming moments in key situations of their relationships, from the start, the missed opportunities, the regrets and ultimately the resolution. It works like those magical films.


Jung Hae-In takes in the complicated individual role whose past is constantly caught against him. Jung displays a suitable presence as a romantic lead and shares a beautiful chemistry that grows throughout the duration with the wonderful Kim Go-eun. Kim is a character that is easy to love as she supports Jung throughout crucial moments in his life and is a kind of revelation to the enduring start stop relationship. Kim Guk-hee simply steals the show as the motherly figure and provides the film with some of its best touching moments.


All in all, “Tune in for Love” is a heartwarming romantic film that speaks directly to the notion of love, regrets, memories and plenty of missed opportunities. Director Jung Ji-woo manages to craft a film away from the usual cliches and in turn created a beautiful love story that is both realistic and grounded in its depiction. Technology have changed the way we interacts and this film captures the best of love and the best of times.


I rated it 8.5/10

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