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Film Review: Missing 失蹤 (2019) - Hong Kong

Andrew Chan Candice Yu Gillian Chung Hong Kong Movie Missing

Missing 失蹤 (2019) - Hong Kong


Reviewed by Andrew Chan (Film Critics Circle of Australia)

In one of more refreshing take on the crowded cliche horror thriller genre, debutant Director Ronnie Chau is largely promising in creating a illuminating atmospheric experience for the cinema goers. The film works best whenever it switches to a parallel universe where time travels and ghosts collides with the reality connecting through creepy buildings and Sai Kung forest locations. The setting builds the tension and the story backdrop remains the core as the film succeeds in engaging the audience without having to resort to cliches and other conventional means.


Gillian Chung returns to the silver screen to play the daughter looking for her long lost and missing father (Played stoically by Ko Hon Man). Chung have obviously matured over the years and manages to hold her own in a conflicted role that requires some acting chops to fit the scene. Likewise JJ Jia plays the cop and friend on the missing case brings good presence to the proceedings. Candice Yu in particular steals the show as the grieving mother and widow. Stage actors Joey Leung and Ling Man Lung overacts to good effect as mentally unstable characters.


All in all, “Missing” manages to tie loose ends and creating an almost atmospheric film experience that the audience can totally absorb into and embrace towards. Director Ronnie Chau is steadfast, creative and extremely confident in his execution of new ideas within a genre where many will resort to shock and horror. For this, the film gets extra marks for a refreshing take on what is easily a genre film.


I rated it 8/10

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