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Film Review: Unity of Heroes 2: Warriors of the Nation 黄飞鸿之怒海雄风 (2018) - China

Andrew Chan Unity of Heroes 2 Vincent Zhao Warriors of the Nation Wong Fei Hung

Unity of Heroes 2: Warriors of the Nation 黄飞鸿之怒海雄风 (2018) - China


Aka Wong Fei Hung 2

Reviewed by Andrew Chan (Film Critics Circle of Australia)

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After the nostalgic return to the Wong Fei Hung role, martial art star Vincent Zhao continues with a quick fire sequel in “Unity of Heroes 2 - Warriors of the Nation”. Helmed by veteran action filmmaker Marco Mak, the follow up impresses with more Hong Kong inspired period fight scenes that more than bring back the spirit of the original Tsui Hark’s “Once Upon a Time in China” series. The story is a simple one and the opening scene of White Lotus Cult is a direct carbon copy of the Jet Li’s OUATIC 2, but everything adds up to an entertaining film experience.


Vincent Zhao is excellent as Wong Fei Hung and his maturity in age actually helps in the folk legend heroic role. Zhao provides good physical presences and end to end wire-fu fight scenes to boot. Miya Muqi is largely outstanding as the key female villain who is both sexy and deadly. Her love interest for Zhao provides a more light hearted tone to the production. Kenya Sawada makes a good Japanese nemesis to hate and the final fight scene with Zhao is up to scratch.


All in all, “Unity of Heroes 2” marks another successful return to the Wong Fei Hung role for the hardworking Vincent Zhao. There are many elements to like about this film, namely the nostalgic Hong Kong feel about the action sequences and period sets. The characters are fun to watch with the usual Wong’s disciple - Buck Tooth and Pork Wing interplay. As for the role of Wong Fei Hung, with Jet Li now in semi retirement, Zhao is now the best man for the job and so he feel at ease like a true folk hero.


I rated it 7.5/10

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