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Jeonju 2018 Review: Korea Cinemascape Short Films

Andrew Chan A White Dream Jeonju Film Festival Mystery Pink Short Films

Jeonju 2018 Review: 

Reviewed by Andrew Chan (FCCA)

A White Dream (Short Film - 19 minutes)

One of the delights of Jeonju Film Festival are finding gems within the short film genres. A White Dream is a well made quarter of an hour about a strained father and daughter relationship. The film begins with a beggar on the street, depicting the main theme where the father a former locksmith, unemployed and unable to keep the house clean after the death of the mother/wife. The film shows a lot of more issues that it can deal with in the short running time and is generally well acted. Directed by Gwangju graduate JEONG Young, the film possesses many unanswered questions and several dilemmas to keep thinking about. Perhaps a longer running time will be better expressed. 

I rated it 3/5


Mystery Pink (Short Film) - 9 minutes

I hate to say this, but this is an ill-conceived short film that really doesn’t amount to much nor is the execution clear by any means. Seemingly disguised as a love story, the film goes afterlife and real life and switches between different pink mysterious doors. This is a disappointing effort from actress turned director KOO Hyesun, who fails miserably in making the film relevant and difficult to communicate to any audience. 

I rated it 1/5 


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