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Film Review: Set It Up (2018) - USA

Andrew Chan Glen Powell Lucy Liu Zoey Deutch

Set It Up (2018) - USA

Reviewed by Andrew Chan (FCCA)

Netflix have unfortunately gone through a run of terrible films and therefore the unexpected success of Rom-Com - Set It Up is a lovely surprise. The film is as predictable as it comes by, but the pairing of Zoey Deutch (Why Him?, Everybody Wants Some!!) and Glen Powell (Hidden Figures, Scream Queens) simply provides the needed spark and winning chemistry that makes these kind of films so enjoyable. Add to the mix, we get Lucy Liu in a juicy and rare Asian American role as the Devil Wears Prada type boss. 

Zoey Deutch will become a big star and the potential shown here is clear. It is her understated manner that drives the film forward and her chemistry with Glen Powell is evident from the moment they argue over a takeaway dinner. That is something cannot be taught. Powell oozes with presence and plays the role as the gradual expected love birds with a winning flair. Lucy Liu is simply excellent as the demanding boss who shines in scenes where it requires to inject romantic notions.

All in all, Set It Up makes good popcorn viewing and preferably as one of those classic date night movies. Director Claire Scanlon crafted a lovely romantic tale that works, engages and connects. Sometimes, predictable and more of the same can still be interesting and memorable. 

I rated it 8/10

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