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News — 77 Heartbreaks

Film Review: 77 Heartbreaks (2017) - Hong Kong

Andrew Chan 77 Heartbreaks Charlene Choi Herman Yau Pakho Chau

Film Review: 77 Heartbreaks (2017) - Hong Kong

77 Heartbreaks (2017) - Hong Kong Reviewed by Andrew Chan Director Herman Yau is a man of many genres and being his third blockbuster release in 2017, 77 Heartbreaks show precisely why Yau remains a grounded in his roots in making a heartfelt and touching local film on pitfalls of modern romance. Starring the matured Charlene Choi and the much improved performance from Pakho Chau, we get a film that touches upon forgiveness, love and ultimately letting go. All of these are cliche themes of the genre, but Yau is a far better director than the popular Patrick Kong and...

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