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Film Review: Wrath of Man (2021) - USA

Andrew Chan Guy Richie Jason Statham Wrath of Man

Film Review: Wrath of Man (2021) - USA

Film Review: Wrath of Man (2021) - USA Reviewed by Andrew CHAN (Film Critics Circle of Australia)  Help me reach one review per day in 2021. 2021 Review count - 25/365 Support me on Patreon: Adapted from the 2004 French film "Le Convoyeur" (aka "Cash Truck"), the latest Guy Ritchie’s action thriller contains plenty of positives and nothing more so than a standout vehicle for action star Jason Statham to impress. “Wrath of Man” manages to grip on to the thrills and rides as Statham brings a gravity and steel like presence to the role that makes him a perfect action icon....

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