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Film Review: Go Back to China (2019) - USA / China

Andrew Chan Anna Akana Emily Ting Go Back to China Ines Laimins Joe Fiorello Kelly Hu Lynn Chen Richard Ng

Film Review: Go Back to China (2019) - USA / China

Go Back to China (2019) - USA / China Reviewed by Andrew Chan (Film Critics Circle of Australia) Help us continue to cover more Asian and Martial Art films by making a donation to Neo Film Blog below. This is another lovely little film from Director Emily Ting, following up well from “Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong”. If Emily Ting’s feature debut is a “love letter” to Hong Kong, then “Go Back to China” is a “fish out of water” personal growth story to tell. It is a film about family, relationships with people, growing up and finding that path and journey. It...

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