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TV Series Review: One Spring Night (TV-2019) - South Korea

Andrew Chan Han Ji-min Jung Hae-in Netflix One Spring Night

One Spring Night (TV-2019) - South Korea


Original Netflix Series - 16 episodes (60 minutes each)

Reviewed by Andrew Chan (Film Critics Circle of Australia)

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Realistic romantic drama is what makes director Ahn Pan Suk and writer Kim Eun second collaboration with the similarly themed “Something in the Rain” a success. “One Spring Night” follows a similar route to portray real characters in their 30s thrown into situations and circumstances of life that are largely realistic as if the audience is witnessing their relationships and changes in real-life effect. Its help that the chemistry between two leads played by the popular romantic comedy actress Han Ji-min (“Rooftop Prince”) and Jung Hae-in (whose breakthrough first leading role was “Something in the Rain”).


Han Ji-min carries the series with ease and steady-fast experience making her character immensely realistic, grounded and extremely likeable to watch. Chemistry between Ji-min and Jung Hae-in plays a crucial role as the two oozes with each other like two troubled souls meeting at the right time and place. It’s not your typical Korean drama story, instead we get a slow burner romantic flame that eats into your heart slowly and captures it. Supporting acts are also perfect as we get Han Ji-min long time boyfriend played by Kim Jun-han (who is a successful in his own right) and their parents are perfectly casted with both traditional and modern Korean values. Gil Hae-yeon in particular as the Ji-min’s mother shines in a rather conflicted and refined role.


All in all, “One Spring Night” is a fine example of how to film a realistic romantic Korean drama that allows the characters show their true emotions, allowing time and space for them to immerse into their respective roles in society, work, life, family and love. The soundtrack is also wonderfully and romantically paced providing plenty of space for the viewers to reflect on the characters’ situations. Credos for well made dramas that provide a rounded look on lives complications and expectations.


I rated it 8/10





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  • Gabrielle Roh on

    I couldn’t agree more. It was definitely one of my favorites.

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