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TV Series Review: The Brothers Sun (2024) USA 🇺🇸

Andrew Chan

TV Series Review: The Brothers Sun (2024) USA 🇺🇸

Reviewed by Andrew Chan (Film Critics Circle of Australia 🇦🇺)


What makes the latest Netflix action comedy starring an all-Asian American cast fascinating is simply the subject matter and the manner the series is being presented as a witty, smart, engaging and entertaining for the entire 8 episodes series. It helps that we have Oscar winning actress Michelle Yeoh as the kingpin wife and mother. Creators Byron Wu and Brad Falchuk managed to create an authentic Asian American experience with rounded characters that can do just about anything from romance to family love to kung fu badass fighting. That’s a huge compliment as there is never a dull moment in this highly energetic series that engages the audience through its numerous obstacles and multiple layers plot lines to deliver a bang.


Justin Chien is brilliant as the stoic and cold blooded killer and brother who is exposed to the world of Taiwanese underworld since the beginning of time. Chien is a rock and the moments of romance with the beauty DA officer played by the scene stealing Highdee Kuan. Kuan manages to make the most of its lesser role, and the potential for greater things to come. Sam Song Li is simply the best acting performance out of the accomplished lot. Li makes you laugh, cry and feel any emotions that he wants you to connect with. What is more amazing is the chemistry between mother, son, brothers and all encapsulated perfectly by the always amazing Queen of Asian cinema in Michelle Yeoh, (in a role that required very few action, but more so for the acting prowess.) Add to this, the amazing ensemble cast makes the overall experience rewarding.


All in all, a good TV series requires more than a few tricks in the bag, the story has to be interesting, the cinematography top notch, engaging characters and a reason to keep you on the toes watching one episode after another. Few series makes you want more and this one succeeded in making the Asian American experience authentic in a manner that is highly relatable and relevant. Must see.


I rated it 9/10




  • Justin Chien
  • Sam Song Li
  • Joon Lee
  • Highdee Kuan

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