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A Better Tomorrow - Chow Yun Fat Action Figure 英雄本色 MARK哥 (1/6 Ratio) (ENTERBAY) (Official Version) - Neo Film Shop

A Better Tomorrow - Chow Yun Fat Action Figure 英雄本色 MARK哥 (1/6 Ratio) (ENTERBAY) (Official Version)


A Better Tomorrow - Chow Yun Fat Action Figure 英雄本色 MARK哥 (1/6 Ratio) (ENTERBAY) (Official Version)

Product Details:

A Better Tomorrow (Chinese: 英雄本色) is a 1986 Hong Kong crime film, directed by John Woo, and starring Ti Lung, Leslie Cheung and Chow Yun-fat.The film had a profound influence on the Hong Kong film industry, and later on an international scale. It was a landmark film, credited with setting the template for the heroic bloodshed genre, which was considerably influential in Hong Kong action cinema, and later Hollywood.

Although it was produced with a tight budget, and was relatively unknown until it went on screen (due to virtually no advertising), it broke Hong Kong's box office record and went on to become a blockbuster in Asia. It is highly regarded, ranking #2 in the Best 100 Chinese Motion Pictures. Its success also ensured the sequel A Better Tomorrow II, also directed by Woo, and A Better Tomorrow 3: Love & Death in Saigon, a prequel directed by Tsui Hark.

Although Ti Lung was the film's lead actor, co-star Chow Yun-fat's breakout performance outshined him, solidifying the latter's status as one of the top superstars in the Hong Kong film industry. Chow's character "Mark Gor" was imitated by many fans even decades after the film's release.

1/6 Ratio - Chow Yun Fat - Mark Gor - A Better Tomorrow Action Figure 


- Classical movie heroes - Lee Mark (MARK brother) as a blueprint 
- with 2 newly developed and highly authentic MARK head carvings (classic expressions and battle damage versions) 
- meticulous skin texture that greatly enhances the skin Texture 
- The head carving is hand-painted and the latest HD technology is applied. 
- Specially developed body with more than 30 joint positions, easily reproducing many different classic poses


- Paired with MARK's signature clothing, 
- including black coat and western assembly vest, shirt tie, leather shoes. 
- And basket color with grey workers, leather boots, and 1 foot support. 
- MARK's representative hand Type 7 
- Sunglasses X 1 
- Cigarette X 2 
- Match X 2 
- Banknote X 1 Stack 
- M92F Pistol X 1 
- HI-POWER Pistol X 1 
- Classic Mobile Phone X 1 
- Tape X 1 
- Foldable Handcart X 1 
- large, small water tube, towel X 1 
- standard platform with bracket X 1 
- double-sided printed scene cardboard X 1


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