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Police Story Trilogy 警察故事1-3 (Blu Ray) (3 Discs) (Normal Edition) (English Subtitled) (Korea Version) - Neo Film Shop

Police Story Trilogy 警察故事1-3 (Blu Ray) (3 Discs) (Normal Edition) (English Subtitled) (Korea Version)


Artist Name(s): Jackie Chan (Actor)
Blu-ray Region Code: A - Americas (North, Central and South except French Guiana), Korea, Japan, South East Asia (including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan)
Release Date: 2016-04-20
Language: Cantonese
Subtitles: English, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese
Country of Origin: Hong Kong
Picture Format: NTSC, [HD] High Definition
Sound Information: DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby Digital EX(TM) / THX Surround EX(TM)
Screen Resolution: 1080p (1920 x 1080 progressive scan)
Rating: III
Publisher: Nova Media
Other Information: 3-Disc


*Screen Format: 1080P High Definition 2.35::1
*Sound Mix: Cantonese DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1
Cantonese Dolby Digital EX 5.1

폴리스 스토리
Original Trailer (2분 44초)
New Edited Trailer (1분 49초)
Movie Photo Slideshow (1분 40초)
NG SHOTS (4분 42초)

폴리스 스토리2 – 구룡의 눈
Original Trailer (3분 58초)
New Edited Trailer (1분 37초)
Movie Photo Slideshow (1분 41초)

폴리스 스토리3 – 초급경찰
Original Trailer (3분 36초)
New Edited Trailer (1분 55초)
Movie Photo Slideshow (2분 12초)


Police Story (1985)

Police Story (Chinese: 警察故事) was made in 1985. The Royal Hong Kong Police Force is planning a major undercover sting called "Operation Boar Hunt" to arrest crime lord Chu Tao (Chor Yuen). Inspector Chan Ka-Kui (or Kevin Chan in some versions) is part of the operation, along with undercover officers stationed in a shanty town. After arresting Chu, Chan's next assignment is to protect Chu Tao's secretary, Selina Fong (Brigitte Lin), who plans to testify in court about Chu Tao's illegal activities. The trial fails due to Selina's tampering with evidence. Though Chu Tao is released on bail, he wants revenge against Ka-Kui, framing him for the murder of fellow policeman Inspector Man. Meanwhile, Selina, realizing Chu's criminality, goes to his office at a shopping mall to download incriminating data from Chu Tao's computer system. Chu Tao and Chan notice this and head to the mall. In the ensuing fight, Ka-Kui defeats all of Chu Tao's henchmen while the police apprehend Chu and the briefcase.

Police Story 2 (1988)

Police Story 2 (Chinese: 警察故事續集), made in 1988, featured many of the same actors reprising their roles from the original. The story picks up with Chan Ka-Kui being demoted to a traffic cop for causing so much damage in his apprehension of Chu. Chu has been released from prison on the pretense that he is terminally ill, and Chu and his clan continue to harass Chan and his girlfriend May as Chan gets reinstated to the detective unit when criminal bombers begin extorting money from businessmen. The film marks the last appearance of Lam Kwok-Hung as Superintendent Raymond Li.

Police Story 3: Super Cop (1992)

Police Story 3 (Chinese: 警察故事3超級警察 or Supercop) was made in 1992. Michelle Yeoh joins the cast, portraying a police officer from mainland China. The story involves Chan and Yeoh's character going undercover to try to break up a drug smuggling ring. The action moves from China to Kuala Lumpur, where Chan's girlfriend May is kidnapped. The film marks the last appearance of Maggie Cheung as May. Michelle Yeoh reprises her role in the spin-off, called Once a Cop. Dimension Films released Police Story 3 in the US in 1996 under the name of Supercop with some edits to the film, the complete replacement of all music and sound effects, and English dubbing.

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