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Film List: Top 20 Hong Kong Films in - 2010s

Andrew Chan Film List Hong Kong Film Top Films

BEST 2010s Hong Kong FILMS - Top 20

 Reviewed by Andrew Chan (Film Critics Circle of Australia)

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  1. A Simple Life                桃姐
  2. Echoes of the Rainbow 歲月神偷
  3. The Grandmaster           一代宗師
  4. Still Human                   淪落人
  5. Unbeatable                   激戰
  6. Soul Mate                     七月與安生
  7. Fagara                          花椒之味
  8. Vulgaria                        低俗喜劇
  9. The Golden Era             黃金時代
  10. The Way We Dance       狂舞派
  11. The New King Of Comedy          新喜劇之王
  12. Wu Xia                          武俠
  13. Love in the Buff             春嬌與志明
  14. Aberdeen                      香港仔
  15. Little Big Master                        五個小孩的校長
  16. Port of Call                   踏血尋梅
  17. Distinction                    非同凡響
  18. The Midnight After         那夜凌晨,我坐上了旺角開往大埔的紅VAN
  19. Paradox                        殺破狼.貪狼
  20. Napping Kid                  逆向誘拐

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