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Film Review: A Better Tomorrow (1986) - Hong Kong

Andrew Chan A Better Tomorrow Chow Yun Fat John Woo Leslie Cheung Ti Lung

A Better Tomorrow (1986) - Hong Kong

A Better Tomorrow 英雄本色 (1986) (Blu Ray) (English Subtitled) (Remastered Edition) (4K Ultra-HD) (Hong Kong Version) - Neo Film Shop

Review by Andrew Chan

Recently undergone remastered work for a 4K HD release is John Woo's iconic action classic - A Better Tomorrow. The best release in terms of picture quality and sound to date, makes this a thoroughly enjoyable experience for long time fans to rejoice. Who can forget the moment when Chow Yun Fat famously burn the counterfeit US dollar note. Or the infamous Taipei restaurant scene where Chow hides guns under the plants and launches with double handed guns blazing. Or the scene where Ti Lung confronts Leslie Cheung on wanting to turn over a new leaf. Or the emotional finale where tears are falling on the eventual outcome. These are just a few to mention in what have become a totally influential and truly iconic film experience.

We got to remember that John Woo was yet to create a box office hit, meanwhile, Chow was yet to be a superstar, Ti Lung is most famous Shaw Brothers film star was on the way down and Leslie Cheung was far more famous for his singing. Since the combination prove to be highly effective as their tempers and chemistry flies up high. Chow proves to be an able leading man as the gangster Mark Gor, while Ti Lung shows a man with principle as per his Shaw Brothers bloodshed days and Cheung shows why he is such a good character actor in most scenes. Waise Lee of course succeeds as someone we all want to hate. 

All in all, A Better Tomorrow is so influential and popular at its time that it managed to propel its two young stars into superstardom and the director straight into Hollywood contention. Even 31 years after the release date, it remains every bit enjoyable, fresh, beautiful and simply breathtaking to endure. The 4K remastered edition is simply an icing on the cake. It simply adds an extra layer to the already magnificent bloodshed experience. 

I rated it 5/5

Out on 4K Ultra Remastered Blu Ray and DVD at:


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