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Film Review: SPL 3 / Paradox (2017) - Hong Kong

Andrew Chan Gordon Lam Jacky Cai Louis Koo Paradox SPL 3 Tony Jaa Wilson Yip

SPL 3 / Paradox (2017) - Hong Kong

Review by Andrew Chan

Louis Koo goes berserk in his most physical performance to date and even manage to make Liam Neeson looks proud in the process as the father on a mission desperately searching for his missing daughter in Pattaya. It is also easily Koo best ever performance and most certainly in line for a Best Actor award. Director Wilson Yip returns to the directing chair for the third instalment and like its predecessors, it is brutally entertaining and tension filled from start to finish and not a film for the faint hearted. 

Koo manages to remain suitably tense and provide a three dimensional performance as a father struggling to come to terms of potentially losing her daughter. What impressed me of Koo is his ability to fight convincing and hold his own in most of the martial arts sequence. Full credit due to Sammo Hung's excellent action direction. Wu Yue impresses as the rare good cop in the Thai police force and combines good acting chops with some highly physical fights presence. Undoubtedly most martial arts fans will be impressed by the extended cameo by Tony Jaa and managed to churn out a memorable display. Jacky Cai does well with her limited scenes as a Chinese hooker on the Thai streets, meanwhile Ken Lo is totally badass as the corrupted cop. 2016 best actor winner Gordon Lam plays the house of cards role as the ruthless campaign manager willing to do literally anything for the mayor to win. 

All in all, this is a highly entertainingly film from start to finish. It highlights the relevant risks of organ trafficking and cheap life is considered in poorer areas of Thailand and how the politicians, the rich and cops collude for their own gains. The fights are impressive and outright brutal to watch. Fans of the series will likely rejoice and Yip manages to deliver once again for all martial arts fans in stunning fashion. 

I rated it 4/5

In cinemas now.

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