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Film Review: Boss Level (2020) - USA

Andrew Chan Boss Level Frank Grillo Mel Gibson Michelle Yeoh Naomi Watts Selina Lo

Film Review: Boss Level (2020) - USA

Reviewed by Andrew CHAN (Film Critics Circle of Australia)

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If there is one exhilarating and non-stop action and stunts film, “Boss Level” manages to be right up there in terms of entertainment value and action packed fun. Director Joe Carnahan whose previous resume include Hollywood action blockbuster  “The A-Team”, “Narc” and “The Grey” brings his A-game to mid-size budget “Boss Level”. These kind of video game style scenario films, can easily be repetitive and derivative and leading star Frank Grillo more than bring his action filled presence on display. Ably supported by the wonderful Naomi Watts, dangerous Michelle Yeoh and menacing Mel Gibson, this film starts off with a bang and never for a second allows the audience to breathe and relax till it’s its stunning finale.


Frank Grillo gets the leading bill as the failed father and husband who is taken on a repetitive video game-like ride where he dies and time resets itself. Every-time, the same scenario happens and it depends on how Grillo learns and adapt to different situations and happenings in order to eventually save his family and probably the world. Mel Gibson plays the architect villain and does far better than his recent supporting outing in the atrocious “Force of Nature”. Despite the limited screen time, Gibson manages

to convince as the ultimate boss. Naomi Watts brings her A-game as the wife and brave scientist and inventor. Michelle Yeoh is always welcome as the swordsman mentor, meanwhile action star Selina Lo plays one of the more memorable assassins. Ken Jeong appears in a minor role as a bar manager that cracks his usual jokes.


All in all, “Boss Level” impresses on many levels, both as a mid budget Hollywood action film and one that feels original and fresh. The playing of time, game over and reset again and again, allows the growth of Grillo’s character development. The pacing and editing is at a frantic pace and fight stunts are well shot with scale. By the time the credits begin to roll, action fans comes out the happiest in this entertaining actioner.


I rated it 8/10

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