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Film Review: Force of Nature (2020) - USA

Andrew Chan Force of Nature Kate Bosworth Mel Gibson

Film Review: Force of Nature (2020) - USA

Reviewed by Andrew CHAN (Film Critics Circle of Australia)

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“Force of Nature” was a tough one to sit through, despite tagging along Hollywood A-list Mel Gibson, Kate Bosworth and Emile Hirsch in leading roles. The film directed by Michael Polish suffers from poor pacing, editing and an nonexistent storyline that fails to be as intensifying as the hurricane itself. In fact, we never get to see the hurricane in effect or the so-called force of nature as the screen time is given to an old building block that simply drags the running time over the sluggish finish line.


Mel Gibson plays the supporting role of a retired police officer who in need of medical support, but refuses to leave the building despite the hurricane storming through within touching distance. Gibson is given a thankless character and more disappointingly almost nothing to work with in the character arc as he is simply depressed and collecting a nice little pay check. Equally in an out of sorts role played by Kate Bosworth as Gibson’s daughter as medical doctor. Caught in the midst of a murder, heist and forced romance with the bland failed cop (played by the jaded Emile Hirsch). Bosworth seems to be all over the place and pales in comparison to the passion displayed by lesser actors. Stephanie Cato gives a good performance as the passionate cop and David Zayas is menacing as the main villain despite the poor script and storyline.


All in all, “Force of Nature” is a terrible film with little redemption to its atrocious material. The action sequences and gun fights remain the only saving grace and those are far in between of long and irrelevant dialogues. It would be better if we actually get to see the hurricane smashing through all the buildings and people than for us to sit through this overlong duration. Everyone involved probably done far better works and deserves a lot better than this.


I rated it 3/10

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