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Film Review: First Kill (2017) - USA

Andrew Chan Bruce Willis First Kill Hayden Christensen

First Kill (2017) - USA

Reviewed by Andrew Chan

Hayden Christensen was at one stage the rising star of Hollywood, but instead he build a farm and a family which is admirable for any celebrity managing to escape the spotlight. Teaming up with Bruce Willis in the action thriller "First Kill", there are precisely the kind of film that works best when you have a drink or two and simply enjoy the action and film. Whilst Willis doesn't add much depth to the role, the real star of the film goes to kidnapper and bank robber depicted so well rounded by Gethin Anthony. 

Christensen does well in a routine 90s action role that would have easily been played by Willis himself. As in recent years, Willis have been appearing in countless B-movies and DTV flicks in extended cameos that often add nothing to the film. Here, Willis is given a similar low profile cop role delivered with zero characterisation and development. 

All in all, First Kill is one of those throwaway action film that fills a void adequately and best viewed alongside a glass of beer and wine. There is nothing new or unexpected, but it works simply for what it is and nothing more. It's also good to see Christensen back in the frame. Just don't expect anything out of the norm. 

I rated it 3/5

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