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Film Review: The Big Sick (2017) - USA

Andrew Chan Kumail Nanjiani The Big Sick Zoe Kazan

The Big Sick (2017) - USA

Reviewed by Andrew Chan

This rom com works as a perfect companion for most films in Hollywood showing cultural diversity. Produced on a slick US$5 million budget, the film managed to wow Sundance audience and take US$50 million at the box office. It shows that when you have the right actors, chemistry and cultural factors into account, the rom com genre can still be reinvented. 

It helps when you have stand up comedian Kumail Nanjiani as the lead role in crossroads between American and Pakistan origins where arranged marriages are the norm. Nanjiani is excellent throughout and his chemistry with Zoe Kazan is almost flawlessly natural. The scenes and bonding between Kazan and Zoe's parents are both funny, awkward and downright refreshing. There are notable references to ISIS, racist remarks and even conversations about September 11. Nanjiani's parents are study yet tradition in face of their own difficulty of embracing change. 

All in all, "The Big Sick" ends up working extremely well as it is always grounded in its approach. Cultural diversity and embracement is a relevant problem with Hollywood films and misrepresentation and racism is another. This film successful show that there is still life within the Rom-com genre despite all the formulas. We are and love the characters presented in front of us simply because it is relevant and interesting enough for us to enjoy and embrace. Director Michael Showalter is one to watch in the future. 

I rated it 4/5


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