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Film Review: Ip Man: Crisis Time 少年葉問之危機時刻 (2020)

Andrew Chan Ip Man: Crisis Time Li Li Ming Sun Fei Zhao Wen Hao

Film Review: Ip Man: Crisis Time 少年葉問之危機時刻 (2020) 🇨🇳

Reviewed by Andrew CHAN (Film Critics Circle of Australia)

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After the previous solid attempt with quality fight scenes “Ip Man: Kung Fu Master”, director Li Li Ming, obviously inspired by Hong Kong action films go back to Ip Man’s roots with “Ip Man: Crisis Time”. Starring promising martial arts star (who was discovered by master Chen Kaige in “Sacrifice” as a teen), Zhao Wen Hao. There are plenty of famed Hong Kong cinema moments revoking memories of Jackie Chan’s style of action alongside some straight forward Donnie Yen’s style all infused within the 80 minutes running time. Most of the film is set within a Hong Kong private school and Li Li Ming should be complimented for the details in revisioning the streets of Hong Kong in the early 1900s.


Young protege Zhao Wen Hao does well producing a solid interpretation of the younger Ip Man character roaming the streets of Hong Kong. Mu Fengbin does well as the main villain role. It is however, action and stunt director Sun Fei (“Ip Man: Kung Fu Master” that remains the real showcase. The allusion to the historic game of “go” to the hostage situation brings along plenty of quality fight scenes one after again.


All in all, “Ip Man: Crisis Time” may not have the sustainable storyline for a bigger film, but the fight scenes are incredible solid and even wonderful to watch. There are so many Hong Kong 90s action cinema elements in this film that elevates it from the genre cliches. Alongside, the solid “Ip Man: Kung Fu Master”, the directing and martial arts duo of Li Li Ming and Sun Fei are two players to watch in the future.


I rated it 6.5/10


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