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News — Ip Man: Crisis Time

Film Review: Ip Man: Crisis Time 少年葉問之危機時刻 (2020)

Andrew Chan Ip Man: Crisis Time Li Li Ming Sun Fei Zhao Wen Hao

Film Review: Ip Man: Crisis Time 少年葉問之危機時刻 (2020)

Film Review: Ip Man: Crisis Time 少年葉問之危機時刻 (2020) 🇨🇳 Reviewed by Andrew CHAN (Film Critics Circle of Australia) Help me reach one review per day in 2021. 2021 Review count - 08/365 Support me on Patreon:       After the previous solid attempt with quality fight scenes “Ip Man: Kung Fu Master”, director Li Li Ming, obviously inspired by Hong Kong action films go back to Ip Man’s roots with “Ip Man: Crisis Time”. Starring promising martial arts star (who was discovered by master Chen Kaige in “Sacrifice” as a teen), Zhao Wen Hao. There are plenty of famed Hong...

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