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Film Review: Kamikaze (2016) - UK

Andrew Chan Kamikaze Marcus Shakesheff

Kamikaze (2016) - UK


Reviewed by Andrew Chan (Film Critics Circle of Australia)

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Billed as Welsh first action star, Marcus Shakesheff needs no introduction to the stunts arena. Having build a credible resume of stunt works in high profile films in “Wonder Woman”, “Maleficent”, “Thor” to name a few, Shakesheff turned to direct and star in low budget actioner “Kamikaze”. The result is amazing on a stunts and action perspective, especially the scenes involving the car chase revoking Jackie Chan’s movies or the numerous high flying kicks channelling Donnie Yen and the John Woo double handed gun shots firing across buildings and forests. The story is simple, but the film succeeds in having that kind of 90s Hong Kong style action film, non-stop with one action and stunt scene after another.


Marcus Shakesheff headline the film as a former agent being double crossed by the corrupt government officials and handles his action scenes with plenty of flair and style. Together with an ensemble experienced stuntman including the likes of David Newton, Aaron Gassor, we manage to witness some quality fight choreography. It is noted that we see grounded action scenes where the camera stays with the action making the action more realistic. It revokes the glory days of Hong Kong martial arts cinema.


All in all, “Kamikaze” manages to be a light hearted action flick that easily punches above its budget. The stunts and action scenes are well shot and entertaining to watch. The story is deliberately simple and overall acting is borderline, but the real star in the making is Marcus Shakesheff and the film allows him to showcase a wide spectrum of stunts. I particularly enjoy how the film is influenced by Hong Kong action cinema and appreciate the efforts by the cast and crew in making this indie production the first Welsh action film and star.


I rated it 6.5/10


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