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Film Review: Missbehavior 恭喜八婆 (2019) - Hong Kong

Andrew Chan Dada Chan Misbehavior Pang Ho Cheung

Film Review: Missbehavior 恭喜八婆 (2019) - Hong Kong

Missbehavior 恭喜八婆 (2019) - Hong Kong   Reviewed by Andrew Chan (Film Critics Circle of Australia)     Director Pang Ho Cheung haven’t made a film in two years and like all auteur they return with a soft opening before the main dish. “Missbehavior” is billed as a friendship comedy blended within the mix of Lunar Chinese New Year celebrations. For any case, this film is an entree with all the ingredients that made “Vulgaria” a commercial success, similar casting, but less important as the film breezes by in its 88 minutes light hearted yet entertaining running time. There are plenty...

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