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Film Review: Oily Maniac 油鬼子 (1976) - Hong Kong

Andrew Chan Danny Lee Oily Maniac Shaw Brothers

Film Review: Oily Maniac 油鬼子 (1976) - Hong Kong

Reviewed by Andrew CHAN (Film Critics Circle of Australia) 

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Danny Lee stars as “Oily Maniac” in this superhero/villain mashed into a Cat 3, violent, action thriller filled erotica affair. It is one of those 70s Shaw Brothers flick that simply entertains with its comedic infused special effects and hilarious fight scenes whenever the oily maniac is transformed and involved. Remastered on Blu Ray, this slasher classic film gets a new audience and as far as cheese is concerned this one managed to be a perfect popcorn mindless entertainment.

Danny Lee is well casted as the half limping anti-hero who wants to desperately protect Chen Ping. Unfortunately Chen goes for the wrong lover as Lee goes berserk in his quest for leading a normal life. In the process he becomes an Oily Maniac with monster like appearances in the form of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. There are plenty of playful erotic moments as this is one of those Cat 3 70s movies mixed within a monster like martial arts film.

All in all, “Oily Maniac” may feel dated with its visual effects, but it is sometimes these kind of low budget moments that leads to the biggest laughs. Those expecting to see Danny Lee as a cop will be surprised as he plays the monster and limp. Veteran Shaw Brothers director Ho Meng Hua keep the story and revenge tale in a straight forward manner thus allowing the the Oily Maniac to be the center of attention. As for as exploitative films are concerned, this one certainly have plenty of cheese in it.


I rated it 7.5/10

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