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Film Review: Hong Kong Hong Kong 男與女 (1983) - Hong Kong

Andrew Chan 1983 Alex Man Cherie Chung Hong Kong Hong Kong

Film Review: Hong Kong Hong Kong 男與女 (1983) - Hong Kong

Reviewed by Andrew CHAN (Film Critics Circle of Australia)

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Re-released and remastered on Blu Ray, the Shaw Brothers produced 1983’s “Hong Kong Hong Kong” stars pre-superstars Cherie Chung and Alex Man as illegal immigrants trying to create a better life in 1980s Hong Kong. Directed by Clifford Choi, the film is filled with intense emotions, infidelity, romance, hardship and aspirations all wrapped up within the poverty and wealth of Hong Kong. In fact the city of Hong Kong is shown as one of its supporting actors, thus providing its English title. This is the kind of film that is innately tragic as we see how difficult life is for our main characters. It is also difficult to see a future, despite both characters sacrifice so better to move up the livelihood ladder from rot bottom of society.

Cherie Chung is a revelation to the film as she is raw, beautiful and immensely natural in her display of an illegal immigrant forced to survive by marrying a middle aged carpenter played with steady presence by veteran Hoi San Kwan. The finale showcase is full of intense emotions between Ching, Alex Man and Hoi. Alex Man is terrific as the up and coming boxer and his radiating chemistry with Chung ends up the most memorable part of the film.

All in all, “Hong Kong Hong Kong” is one of those rarer Shaw Brothers movies dwells upon social concerns, poverty and wealth divide as well as the illegal immigrations between the borders. The young and fresh duo of Alex Man and Cherie Chung remains the highlight in this relevant 1980s movie about the city of Hong Kong and its people. Well worth revisiting with the remastered Blu Ray release.


I rated it 8/10

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