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Film Review: She Shoots Straight 皇家女將 (1990) - Hong Kong

Andrew Chan Hong Kong Movie She Shoots Straight

She Shoots Straight 皇家女將 (1990) - Hong Kong

Reviewed by Andrew Chan (Film Critics Circle of Australia)

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The 90s was a time of great cinematic heights of Hong Kong action cinema and in the sub-genre of kick ass heroine, we had the pleasure of action superstars Michelle Yeoh, Cynthia Rothrock, Moon Lee and Jade Leung. “She Shoots Straight”, directed by Corey Yuen and produced by Sammo Hung is a largely forgotten affair. The film stars Joyce Godenzi (also known as Mrs Sammo Hung and former Miss Hong Kong winner) facing off against the likes of Yuen Wah and the famous finale showdown with body builder Agnes Aurelio. Whilst the story remains cliche and thin, the action more than compensate and Corey Yuen manages to create plenty of set pieces showcase.


Joyce Godenzi shows why she is one of those hidden action gems, her moves are brutal and the movement are largely convincing in all her fight and stunts sequences. Aided by Carina Lau with a boyish cop performance Tony Leung Ka Fai gets the thankless supporting role that does not get to do much either than kissing the bride, meanwhile we get an interesting cameo by the future husband of Godenzi, Sammo Hung as Police Commissioner. Stay tune to one of the best female fight scenes in cinematic history as Godenzi face off with the impeccable  Agnes Aurelio.


All in all, “She Shoot Straight” is a genre film from the heyday of Hong Kong action cinema. The action sequences are equally brutal and top notched and the stunts are amazing. It’s a shame that the film did not reach a wider audience beyond the Hong Kong Legends DVD release. Hopefully with the remastered streaming services worldwide it will now be given a second look.


I rated it 8/10

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