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Film Review: Walk With Me 雙魂 (2019) - Malaysia / Hong Kong

Andrew Chan Hong Kong Movie Michelle Wai Walk With Me

Walk With Me 雙魂 (2019) - Malaysia / Hong Kong


Reviewed by Andrew Chan (Film Critics Circle of Australia)

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Malaysian filmmaker Ryon Lee continues his fusion of Malaysian and Hong Kong filmmaking with the atmospheric bit part horror and psychological thriller “Walk With Me”. With good performances from the hard working Michelle Wai and welcoming veterans display of Anna Ng, Emily Kwan and Richard Ng, the film tries hard to revoke J-Horror films as well as Hollywood counterparts. The film works at times and becomes a better character study than an actual horror film.


Michelle Wai headlines the film with plenty of presence with her concerned and lost look making the most of a layered character driven role with conflicted emotions. Perhaps the weak link of the film comes in the form of Alex Lam whose happy go lucky performance seems more like a misfit to the genre. We get excellent performances from veteran Anna Ng as the worrying mother and Richard Ng is always terrific as the drunken father.


All in all, “Walk With Me” tries hard to make use of its creepy locations, the run down housing, the typical Asian factory and neon lighting throughout. The problem with these kind of films is not the lack of ambition, but rather the lack of the horror element. Lee should be complimented for creating a credible atmosphere throughout, but ultimately let down by the scripting.


I rated it 6/10

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