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Film Review: Shock Wave 2 拆彈專家2 (2020) - Hong Kong / China

Andrew Chan Andy Lau Herman Yau Hong Kong Movie Lau Ching Wan Ni Ni Shock Wave 2

Film Review: Shock Wave 2 拆彈專家2 (2020) - Hong Kong / China

Reviewed by Andrew CHAN (Film Critics Circle of Australia)

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3 years after the entertaining action thriller “Shock Wave”, comes the stand alone sequel directed by Herman Yau. This time, Yau managed a bigger budget to boot and in the process allows him to explode an even greater Hong Kong landmark - the Hong Kong airport, the famed bridge and the twin IFC towers. In fact, Yau seems to have an appetite to destroy Hong Kong locations, if you recall the White Storm 2 - Hong Kong Central and the first film being the cross harbour tunnel. Putting explosions aside, this is really a super star vehicle kind of film, led by the never-aged a bit Andy Lau. Lau produces the sort of performance that warrants viewing and the amount of effort provided comes to show just how important Lau is to Hong Kong cinema as an anchor for big budget cinematic experience.

Andy Lau headlines this sequel and holds the audience attention from start to finish. Without Lau, it will be difficult to convince the audience to sit through some illogical plot holes. Ably supported by the more static and under-utilised Lau Ching Wan in the role as a fellow bomb diffuser officer. Tse Kwan Ho is always wonderful as the Marvel-like villain and terrorist. Ni Ni gets the better supporting roles as the strong female presence and key love interest that by far exceed the acting required from the first film’s female performance. Meanwhile, Philip Keung plays another one of those thankless supporting role that we have seen on so many occasions.

All in all, “Shock Wave 2” is really a showcase for Director Herman Yau to honing his game on big budget co-productions, particularly in the action thriller genre. Yau succeeds once again in delivering an interesting and engaging film that manages to hit the right notes for Mainland and Global markets. Taking in an impressive USD250 million despite COVID-19 restrictions. Still, it is the superstar Andy Lay presence that undoubtedly lifts the film above the over the top plot line and action sequences. For a co-production, it’s surprisingly decent as it is mostly shot on Hong Kong locations. This is an entertaining stand alone big budgeted action-packed sequel.


I rated it 7.5/10

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