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Film Review: Showbiz Spy 假冒女團 (2021) - Hong Kong

Andrew Chan Anson Lo Chloe So Heldi Lee Showbiz Spy 假冒女團

Film Review: Showbiz Spy 假冒女團 (2021) - Hong Kong

Reviewed by Andrew Chan (Film Critics Circle of Australia)

It probably goes without saying that popular boy band “Mirror” star Anson Lo remains the star attraction for this harmless yet mindless entertainment vehicle. Not unlike the 90s and 00s Hong Kong flicks which showcase idols from “Four Heavenly Kings” to “Twins”, in today’s world, “Mirror” are on the same page. That’s not necessary a bad thing as it provides the fledging film industry with some box office boost. In terms of cinematic quality, one need to come without expectations and in turn suspend your belief as you watch the happenings going on screen. Debut Director Keian Chui makes no mistake in what he is trying to achieve and despite its nonsensical premises of Lo pretending to be a female contestant, some elements of fun can still be had.

Anson Lo is given full star treatment and screen time for his huge fanbase to rejoice. Convincing or not as a female character is really not that important in the context of things, as Lo is easily likeable and have decent chemistry with his more experienced co-stars. Some notions of gender norms are also being challenged. Chloe So and Heidi Lee have both been around for a while and brings the audience along for the ride. Veteran actor Andrew Lam Man Chung is always funny in his depiction of the mastermind behind the Ponzi contest.

All in all, “Showbiz Spy” brings back memories of those harmless idols films that Hong Kong crafted its own niche genre. Films like “Diva... Ah Hey” comes to mind, these are commercially successful films made for fans of the idols during their greatest height of popularity. In the grand scheme of things, nothing in this film make any sense and somethings harmless entertainment may not actually be the worst thing.

I rated it 6/10

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