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Film Review: SPL 3 / Paradox (2017) - Hong Kong

Andrew Chan Gordon Lam Jacky Cai Louis Koo Paradox SPL 3 Tony Jaa Wilson Yip

Film Review: SPL 3 / Paradox (2017) - Hong Kong

SPL 3 / Paradox (2017) - Hong Kong Review by Andrew ChanLouis Koo goes berserk in his most physical performance to date and even manage to make Liam Neeson looks proud in the process as the father on a mission desperately searching for his missing daughter in Pattaya. It is also easily Koo best ever performance and most certainly in line for a Best Actor award. Director Wilson Yip returns to the directing chair for the third instalment and like its predecessors, it is brutally entertaining and tension filled from start to finish and not a film for the faint...

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