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Film Review: The Garfield Movie 加菲貓:勇闖世界 (2024) - USA

Andrew Chan

Film Review: The Garfield Movie 加菲貓:勇闖世界 (2024) - USA

Reviewed by Andrew Chan (Film Critics Circle of Australia)

“The Garfield Movie” presents a mixed bag of entertainment. The film struggles to stay true to the original comic character, deviating from Garfield's lazy and food-loving persona in favor of a Tom Cruise-inspired “Mission Impossible” cat. This departure from the core essence of Garfield may disappoint fans who were hoping for a faithful adaptation.

One significant flaw lies in the film's pacing, as the middle part tends to drag, making the movie feel longer than necessary. However, it does have its redeeming moments, with enough comedy and emotive elements to keep the audience engaged. The anticipated father and son reunion provides an enjoyable aspect of the film.

Intended primarily for a younger audience, “The Garfield Movie” misses an opportunity to explore deeper themes or messages, leaving older viewers yearning for more substance. While the animation and voice cast deliver solid performances, the film's comedic moments are hit-or-miss, providing occasional laughs but not consistently.

In conclusion, “The Garfield Movie” is a visually appealing film with entertaining moments, but it falls short in staying faithful to the beloved comic character and lacks a deeper message. Despite its flaws, younger viewers may still find enjoyment in the film's humor and heartwarming elements. Ultimately, “The Garfield Movie” is best suited for kids, but it fails to leave a lasting impact beyond surface-level entertainment.

I rated it 6/10


Reviewed in Cinemas, Hong Kong

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