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Film Review: Agent Mr. Chan 棟篤特工 (2018) - Hong Kong

Andrew Chan Agent Mr. Chan Charmaine Sheh Dayo Wong Lawrence Cheng Ronald Cheng Sammi Cheng

Film Review: Agent Mr. Chan 棟篤特工 (2018) - Hong Kong

Agent Mr. Chan 棟篤特工 (2018) - Hong Kong Reviewed by Andrew ChanIt’s been almost too long since stand up comedian Dayo Wong appeared on the big screen. Most of them were cheap and disposable films that bombed out in the local box office. However with Agent Mr. Chan this is about to change. Opening during the lunar Chinese new year period, the film already grossed over $20 million HK during the 4 days holiday. Whilst there are plenty of laughter and laugh out loud moments, Wong manages to steer clear of genre cliches and produces something awkwardly enjoyable if not entirely...

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