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Film Review: Chasing the Dragon (2017) - Hong Kong

Andrew Chan Andy Lau Chasing the Dragon Donnie Yen Jason Kwan Wong Jing

Film Review: Chasing the Dragon (2017) - Hong Kong

Chasing the Dragon (2017) - Hong Kong Reviewed by Andrew Chan One of Hong Kong biggest film in 2017 comes in the reboot of two landmark 90s gangster films in the form of "Lee Rock" and "To be Number One". Starring Donnie Yen as the legendary Crippled Ho and Andy Lau as the infamous corrupted cop Lee Rock, "Chasing the Dragon" manages to be epic, ultra violent, unforgiving, while at the same time totally racist and bashing of the British colonial era. Above it all, directors Wong Jing combines so well with Jason Kwan that literally we see next to...

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