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Film Review: Namiya 解憂雜貨店 (2017) - China

Andrew Chan Dilraba Dilmurat Duling Chen Jackie Chan

Film Review: Namiya 解憂雜貨店 (2017) - China

Namiya 解憂雜貨店 (2017) - China Reviewed by Andrew Chan (FCCA)Chinese remake of Japanese tearjerker Namiya is not exactly necessary, but on a tearjerking and nostalgic level, the film works to maximum effect and with its less complicated characters, simpler story telling, it is likely to reach a broader audience. Before launching into the review, I must admit that despite the slow pacing of the Japanese original, I thoroughly enjoyed it along with the performances and story. With the Chinese remake, despite knowing what will happen next, it still hits you where it matters and that’s perhaps precisely why Director Han...

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