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Film Review: Fist of Legend 霍家拳之精武英雄 (2019) - China

Andrew Chan Film Review Fist of Legend Martial Arts

Film Review: Fist of Legend 霍家拳之精武英雄 (2019) - China

Film Review: Fist of Legend 霍家拳之精武英雄 (2019) - China   Reviewed by Andrew CHAN (Film Critics Circle of Australia) Help me reach one review per day in 2021. 2021 Review count - 13/365 Support me on Patreon:   Rather than holding the same namesake as Jet Li’s all time martial arts classic “Fist of Legend”, the film is better of being titled as a prequel of sorts “Making of the Fist of Legend”. The story follows the happenings prior to Chen Zhen return to Shanghai from his Japanese studies. It is set entirely during the period of his Japanese education and...

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