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Film Review: Invincible Dragon 九龍不敗 (2019) - Hong Kong

Andrew Chan Fruit Chan Hong Kong Movie Invincible Dragon Max Zhang

Film Review: Invincible Dragon 九龍不敗 (2019) - Hong Kong

Invincible Dragon 九龍不敗 (2019) - Hong Kong Reviewed by Andrew Chan (Film Critics Circle of Australia)  Help us continue to cover more Asian and Martial Art films by making a donation to Neo Film Blog below. Rising action star Max Zhang continues his run of leading martial arts roles with Fruit Chan’s underwhelming “Invincible Dragon”. Billed with MMA fanfare pitting Zhang against MMA Anderson Silva in a Macau tower showdown. The problem starts with this premises as Zhang seems to be acting in a totally different movie. Director Fruit Chan misfires once again in another commercial cinematic attempt, it is perhaps fitting that...

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