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Film Review: Jiu Jitsu (2020) - USA

Andrew Chan Juju Chan Nicolas Cage Tony Jaa

Film Review: Jiu Jitsu (2020) - USA

Film Review: Jiu Jitsu (2020) - USA Reviewed by Andrew CHAN (Film Critics Circle of Australia)   Help me reach one review per day in 2021. Buy me a coffee ☕️ or two to support our Asian cinema film reviews since 2004!   With the film’s poster headlining Nicolas Cage and Tony Jaa in prominent leading roles, it is undeniably frustrating when you release that both actors ended up taking the backseat to martial arts and stuntman Alain Moussi (“Kick-boxer” series). That’s not to say that Moussi lack any kind of physical presence, but his bland acting display contrast with...

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