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Film Review: Hotel Soul Good 女皇撞到正 (2018) - Hong Kong

Andrew Chan Chrissie Chau Hotel Soul Good Louis Cheung

Hotel Soul Good 女皇撞到正 (2018) - Hong Kong


Reviewed by Andrew Chan (Film Critics Circle of Australia)


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There are some enjoyable moments in “Hotel Soul Good” and even manages to be somewhat well meaning. However, the second film from director Anthony Yan (“Vampire Cleaning Department”) proves to be hampered by a nonsensical script, poor and bore set designs and a lack of special effects to enhance any supernatural elements on display. What could’ve been following the success of the 00s Wai Ka Fai’s stylistic ghost comedy, it ends up trying to do too much and despite the best efforts from veteran stars in supporting roles and a relentless Chrissie Chau, it falls short in entertainment value.


Chrissie Chau continues her good form from “29+1” by playing a similar character, but in far more ridiculous circumstances. Still, Chau carries the film well enough for the duration. Louis Cheung tries hard to impress, but comes off rather annoying. Meanwhile, veterans Richard Ng, Maggie Siu and Eric Kot plays the ghosts with a delightful effect. Other horror stories veteran Susan Shaw and Helena Law turns up in their respective former roles.


All in all, “Hotel Soul Good” probably have a good soul and well intention all round, but too frequently hampers by a script without focus, lack of budget for special effects and set pieces remain a pressing concern throughout. The effect is an average film with a good enough cast gone to waste. It’s watchable, but not recommended.


I rated it 5/10

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