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Film Review: Honey 亲爱的 (2018) - Japan

Andrew Chan Honey 亲爱的 Ryusei Yokohama Sho Hirano Yuna Taira

Film Review: Honey 亲爱的 (2018) - Japan

Honey 亲爱的 (2018) - Japan Reviewed by Andrew Chan (Film Critics Circle of Australia) Based on the popular Japanese manga series “Honey”, it is the kind of romantic comedy that we have seen many times about high school sweet hearts with shy young girl meeting trouble-making, but handsome young boy. The Japanese audience enjoy these kind of cliche stories and it is precisely the kind of expect the expected type of film. The film is still enjoyable as the duo in question (played by Yuna Taira and Sho Hirano) are well suited and the sweet romance is easy to root for....

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