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TV Review: Love at First Swipe [Season 1] (TV - 2018) - Malaysia

Andrew Chan Fabian Loo Koe Yeet

Love at First Swipe [Season 1] (TV - 2018) - Malaysia


Reviewed by Andrew Chan (Film Critics Circle of Australia)



I don’t normally review online TV series, but this original production by TonTonMY and YouTuber - JinnyBoy’s director Reuben Kang remains one of the best tearjerker romantic and coming of age short online TV series (5 episodes at 25 minutes each) in the past year. What made the short series work so well is the modern look on social dating apps and how in essence it is precisely paralleling how people used to post ads on newspaper to meet the other half. The pairing of Fabian Loo and Koe Yeet is a stroke of genius as the chemistry between one awkward and shy teacher comes against a free and modern age thinker and photographer. It’s really at its core a sweet love story about boy meets girl, but the score, the direction and the cast makes this a well worth engaging and touching experience. 


Loo stars as the shy teacher who is yet to embrace technology and out of sheer loneliness installed a dating app called “Swipe” and there the love story begins. Yeet plays the love interest, roaming around as a freelance photographer and is easily a polar opposite of Loo. It’s the case of love at first sight as the two eyes meet with great connections. There is a layer of genuineness about the two that makes their love worth following. 


All in all, this is a quality Malaysian production that deals with diversity issues, embracement of technology and the old love story that conquers all. There are plenty of strong moments, especially involving the love and found aspect and tears are likely to flow by the end of the episodes. The short series is overall well made, well produced, contains an engaging story and some good natural acting turns to boot. As for the Christmas period release, it will likely turn the heart warming audience into a second series next year. Looking forward for more.


I rated it 8/10

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