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WHERE THE WIND BLOWS 風再起時 (2022) (Blu Ray) (English Subtitled) (Hong Kong Version)

WHERE THE WIND BLOWS 風再起時 (2022) (Blu Ray) (English Subtitled) (Hong Kong Version)

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WHERE THE WIND BLOWS 風再起時 (2022) (Blu Ray) (English Subtitled) (Hong Kong Version)

Region A Blu Ray

Cast: Aaron Kwok, Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Patrick Tam Yiu Man
Director :  Philip Yeung

Language :
Cantonese, Mandarin
Subtitles :
English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese
System : NTSC
Disc Format :
Screen Format : Full HD 1080p
Sound System :
Dolby True HD
Duration : 144
Release Year : 
Publisher : CN Entertainment

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Port of Call director Philip Yung's Where the Wind Blows depicts the crime, corruption and nostalgic romanticism of Hong Kong's yesteryears through the rise and fall of two of the city's most notorious corrupt cops. In a performance that won him Best Actor at the 16th Asian Film Awards, Tony Leung portrays chief detective sergeant Nam Kong in the decades-spanning crime thriller. Aaron Kwok portrays crooked police chief Lui Lok, a character that has been dramatized in numerous Hong Kong films including Lee Rock, Chasing the Dragon and Once Upon a Time in Hong Kong.
Nam Kong (Tony Leung) and Lui Lok (Aaron Kwok) hail from very different backgrounds, but both become police officers in the 1940s. Rising from poverty, Lui Lok is bold, coarse and determined to make it big. Elite and educated, Nam Kong is careful, calculated and deadly with a gun. Weathering the tides of war, riots and police politics, the two climb the ranks and make a name for themselves in the Hong Kong police force. In this deeply corrupt and contentious world, Lui Lok and Nam Kong partner up and consolidate the rampant corruption in the police force into an established system under their direction. They build a powerful crime empire by dominating both sides of the law, but cracks begin to show in their partnership over time. With the establishment of the ICAC in 1974 to combat corruption, suddenly the writing is on the wall.

Besides Tony Leung and Aaron Kwok in the main roles, Where the Wind Blows gathers a sprawling supporting cast that includes Du Juan, Patrick Tam, Michael Chow, Tse Kwan Ho, Ron Ng, Jessie Li, Elaine Jin, Michael Ning and Maggie Cheung Ho Yee. Chui Tien You and Lam Yiu Sing portray Lui Lok and Nam Kong in their younger years, and Michael Hui won Best Supporting Actor at the 41st Hong Kong Film Awards for his role as the ICAC investigator leading the investigation against police corruption. Where the Wind Blows also won Best Art Direction and Best Costume & Makeup Design at the Hong Kong Film Awards.

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