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Film Review: Time 殺出個黃昏 (2021) - Hong Kong

Andrew Chan Patrick Tse Time 殺出個黃昏

Film Review: Time 殺出個黃昏 (2021) - Hong Kong

Reviewed by Andrew Chan (Film Critics Circle of Australia)

There was once a saying “time waits for no one”. Therefore it is no coincidence that the director of the film is Ricky Ko Tsz-pun, a veteran assistant director marking his debut at the age of 49. Together with Producer and scriptwriter Gordon Lam Ka Tung who is pretty much involved in all the good local films out in Hong Kong nowadays, the film invokes a clear message about ageing, loneliness and ultimately wanting to remain relevant despite everything that life essentially thrown at you and more.

The film manages to produce a rare modern day leading role for famed film legend Patrick Tse Yin whose demeanour, humidity, vulnerability and yet clear style of perfection remains for all to be seen as he goes all out i winning Best Actor award (2022 Hong Kong Film Awards) at the ripe old age of 85. There are scenes in the film that will likely stays with you including those lovely moments when his “granddaughter” played wonderfully by the talented Chung Suet-ying. Lam Suet as usual provides perfect comedic timing in a film that is often dealing with darker issues in the pensioner society where loneliness and death overwhelms one’s soul. Likewise, Petrina Fung Bo-bo is a welcome addition as she provides a blast in the past where she used to stars in movies with Patrick Tse during the 60s heydays of Hong Kong black and white cinema. Sam Lee and JJ Jia brings more generational conflicts that is often seen in local families given the sad reality.

All in all, “Time” is really a showcase for Patrick Tse, while I won’t go on to say that the film provides a last hurrah for one of the coolest actor in Hong Kong. The film allows all the characters to embrace their own troubles, loneliness and situations that they see themselves come through. Tse chance encounter with teenager Chung may seem ironic at first, but it becomes a light and almost like a will to live on for the ageing trio as the final segment of the film becomes an action packed finale. Films like these are important for Hong Kong cinema to strive again and hopefully it continues for a long time ahead.


I rated it 8/10


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