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Chilli Laugh Story 闔家辣 (2022) (Blu Ray) (Photo Frame Version) (English Subtitled) (Hong Kong Version)

Chilli Laugh Story 闔家辣 (2022) (Blu Ray) (Photo Frame Version) (English Subtitled) (Hong Kong Version)

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Chilli Laugh Story 闔家辣 (2022) (Blu Ray) (Photo Frame Version)(English Subtitled) (Hong Kong Version)

Region A Blu Ray


Chilli Laugh Story (Photo Frame Version) (Blu-ray)

Product Content: 

- “Chilli Laugh Story” Photo Frame Version Outer Box x 1

- “Chilli Laugh Story” Blu-ray with clear Blu-ray PP Outer Box x 1 

- “Chilli Laugh Story” Blu-ray Die-cut Outer Box x 1

- “Chilli Laugh Story” Blu-ray Paper x 1

- “Chilli Laugh Story” 2023 Calendar x 1

- “Chilli Laugh Story” Photo Still x 1 (randomly distributed)

- “Chilli Laugh Story” Bookmark x 1

- “Chilli Laugh Story” Character Card x 4

- Paper Stand x 1


Film Information:

Director: Coba Cheng


Cast: Ronald Cheng , Gigi Leung, Edan Lui, Sandra Ng


The COVID-19 pandemic offered white-collar workers everywhere the chance to work from home. At first, it seemed like a luxury to be able to work outside the shackles of the office, but people quickly realized that it could also drive them insane. 


For Coba (Edan Lui), work-from-home has led to a daily cage match with his family. When he inadvertently learns that his mother’s (Gigi Leung) homemade chili sauce is a hit with his co-workers, he convinces his family to turn the chili sauce into an online business in order to divert their attention away from conflicts. However, Coba didn’t expect that the sauce would become a timely internet sensation, thanks to families eating at home more often during the pandemic. 


From deciding which type of bottle to use for the chili sauce, long-hidden family conflicts are on the verge of erupting again. Soon enough, the family’s daily tug-of-wars become even spicier than chili sauce……


Blu-ray Disc Specification: 

Language : Cantonese / Mandarin

Subtitle : T Chinese / S Chinese / English

Running Time : 91 min + 13 min (Special Feature)

No. of disc : 1

Audio Format : Dolby TrueHD 5.1

Screen Format : Full HD 1080 Wide Screen

Genre : Comedy

Special Feature: 

- Behind the Scene Clips 

- Making Of


- Trailers

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