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EVERYTHING UNDER CONTROL 超神經械劫案下 (2023) (Blu Ray) (English Subtitled) (Hong Kong Version)

EVERYTHING UNDER CONTROL 超神經械劫案下 (2023) (Blu Ray) (English Subtitled) (Hong Kong Version)


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Everything Under Control 超神經械劫案下 2023 (Hong Kong Movie) BLU-RAY with English Subtitles (Region A)

Director : Ying Chi Wen
Cast : Hins Cheung, Ivana Wong, Juno Mak 
Language : Cantonese,  Mandarin
Subtitles : English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese
System : NTSC
Screen Format : Dolby True HD 5.1
Sound System : Full HD 1080 Widescreen
Duration : 109 mins 
Release Date : 2024-05-23
Publisher : Panorama HK

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Yau Shing (Hins Cheung) works for So Good Security along with Jelly (Hung Kaho), Chu Hung (Carl Ao Ieong) and Penguin (Jeffrey Ngai). The security team is transporting diamonds, but there's not much to worry about as robberies don't happen in Hong Kong. Except on this particular day, it does. Their armored truck is intercepted by a gang of robbers, and Yau Shing immediately surrenders and hands over the goods. Hot-blooded newbie Penguin, however, fires back. In the ensuing chaos, Jelly runs off with the diamonds. To save their own hides, Yau Shing and Penguin must recover the loot for the robbers. The two bumbling security guards and gangster Monk (Michael Ning) follow Jelly's GPS signal to a remote village with strange residents and dark secrets. 

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