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Midnight Diner 1+2 深夜食堂 1+2 (2016) (DVD) (2 Discs) (Box Set) (English Subtitled) (Hong Kong Version) - Neo Film Shop

Midnight Diner 1+2 深夜食堂 1+2 (2016) (DVD) (2 Discs) (Box Set) (English Subtitled) (Hong Kong Version)


Product Title: Midnight Diner 1+2 (DVD) (2-Movie Boxset) (English Subtitled) (Hong Kong Version)
Artist Name(s): Kobayashi Kaoru | Sato Koichi | Odagiri Joe | Tabe Mikako | Tanaka Yuko | Sudo Risa | Kojima Hijiri | Watanabe Misako | Igawa Hisashi | Fuwa Mansaku | Matsushige Yutaka | Mitsuishi Ken | Takaoka Saki | Tsutsui Michitaka | Yo Kimiko | Kimura Midoriko | Kawai Aoba | Emoto Tokio | Tanimura Mitsuki | Ikematsu Sosuke | Kikuchi Akiko | Abe Yaro
Director: Matsuoka Joji
Release Date: 2017-06-01
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English, Traditional Chinese
Country of Origin: Japan
Picture Format: NTSC 
Sound Information: Dolby Digital 5.1, DTS Digital Surround
Disc Format(s): DVD-9, DVD
Region Code: 3 - South East Asia (including Hong Kong, S. Korea and Taiwan) 
Rating: I
Publisher: CN Entertainment Ltd.
Other Information: 2DVDs
Package Weight: 120 (g)


Midnight Diner (2015)
After three hit seasons, the late night television drama adaptation of Abe Yaro's manga series hits the silver screen with its first feature film. Following the show's original concept, Midnight Diner is a slice-of-life drama about the owner (Kobayashi Kaoru) of a late-night Shinjuku alleyway restaurant and the stories of his customers. Directed by series regular Matsuoka Joji (Tokyo Tower: Mom and Me, and Sometimes Dad), the ensemble drama follows several characters who frequent the neighborhood hangout: a money-obsessed woman who finds love with a geeky salesman, a homeless young woman who takes refuge as the owner's new assistant cook, a man who comes to Tokyo from Fukushima to find the volunteer that he's fallen for and a mystery urn that's been left at the diner. In the spirit of the television drama, Midnight Diner is a gentle, moving and sometimes dryly amusing drama about the little stories in the big city known as Tokyo.

Midnight Diner 2 (2016)
Alongside the airing of the fourth season Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories in 2016, the series also released its second silver-screen feature, again directed by Matsuoka Joji. Keeping with the heartwarming episodic formula of small human stories, Midnight Diner 2 welcomes back regulars like Odagiri Joe, Matsushige Yutaka, Mitsuishi Ken and Yo Kimiko, and adds new diners with stories to share. Tabe Mikako, reprising her role from the first film, takes in an elderly woman (Watanabe Misako) who was conned into coming to Tokyo and is looking for her estranged son. Kawai Aoba plays a stressed editor who falls for a man (Sato Koichi) she meets at a funeral, but he may not be what he seems. Ikematsu Sosuke plays a soba shop owner's son whose aimless personality and relationship with an older woman (Kojima Hijiri) greatly worry his mother.

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